Did The Media Play Into Balloon Boy’s Hot Air?

Baloon Boy & Family. AP Photo Courtesy ABC
Baloon Boy & Family. AP Photo Courtesy ABC

Balloon Boy & Family. AP Photo Courtesy ABC

So we all know about balloon boy and his whack parents now. The photo above is from early October and has the balloon behind the family.

For over 2 hours, the major news outlets covered a damn balloon flying across the sky, fearing a 6 year old boy was on the inside. When the balloon was found, he was not in it. The parents said he was hiding in an attic.  Well, he was, because his dad told him to do it.

The dad's crocodile tears as he said we have to watch him a lot better. What. A. Load. Of. Crap.  Remember, they have been on a few reality shows in the past.

Why did the media cover this live? They gave that family all day coverage, something that they obviously wanted. How many copycats will we see now trying to do something like that for media coverage. Was it that slow of a real news day?

Did the media do the right thing covering this event? What should happen to the parents who did this, wasting police efforts and other things?-Dr.FB


Man Attempts To File Battery Charges Against Mel Gibson! Lame

Mel Gibson and Oksana www.wireimage.com
Mel Gibson and Oksana www.wireimage.com

Mel Gibson and Oksana www.wireimage.com

Mel Gibson had someone try to file false battery charges against him right now! The reason? Over a frickin torn shirt! Seriously?

The guy came up to Mel at a club when he was chilling with Oksana Grigorieva and tried to get an up close photo of the couple although people got shots of him and her from a distance. When he came up, Mel wasn't having any of it and ripped his shirt. You should see the guys shirt! It looks like one of those rip-away Hogan shirts from the 80's.

TMZ is all over this story and right now, 75 percent of people are on Mel's side on this!  I'm on Mel's side too! Why? This will def bump MJ coverage for most of the day unless something is breaking.-Dr.FB

UPDATE! The police sent the guy away. They believe Mel's story that he was nowhere near the guy and he asked him to leave several times. A torn fricken shirt. Even Perez's stupid eye injury was more severe!