Fame Kills

Kanye West Remains Silent On Tour Cancellation

So far, Kanye West has remained silent on the announcement of the “Fame Kills” tour being cancelled. Knowing my luck, he just posted a response on his blog. But as I am writing this, he hasn’t. His silence is surprising because he usually writes there all the time to responses or other things that concern […]

Kayne & Lady Gaga’s Fame Kills Tour Has Been Killed!

The Fame Kills Tour with Kanye West & Lady Gaga is not happening. ALL SHOWS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. Guess Kanye really did want to take time off and Lady Gaga defending him in recent days still could not sway him. You can get full refunds for the tour where you purchased tickets. I am sure […]

Lady Gaga Talks Kanye

Lady Gaga, who is about to go on tour with Kanye West, talked about the incident at the MTV VMA’s 2 weeks ago in a recent radio interview in Las Vegas and she defended Kanye. Gaga said: “I would say he’s a good guy and everybody makes mistakes, and he feels so f—ing bad. He […]