A Special Tribute From Adam Lambert To A Fan

Adam Lambert Photo: GettyImages.com

The Glamberts lost a special person in their community as Gale Chester has passed away. Chester would post links to Adam stories almost everyday, this site included.

We are sad to hear about Gale's passing and know that Adam and the Glamberts will never forget him.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Much Love to Gale who did things selflessly. It wasn't about being first. It was about making sure everyone knew, regardless of where it came from.


PRINCE Makes Fans Dream Come True; Sending Him To SXSW!


Last night on the PRINCE Spreecast with DrFunkenberry & Seth Everett, a 20 year old fan from Texas named Jesse Jenkins, who has never seen his favorite performer PRINCE live before, and lives an hour from where the SXSW Festival was being held, was given a gift he was not expecting!

Jesse was hoping to see PRINCE at the SXSW Festival when it was announced that PRINCE would be playing. The $800 weekly pass and the VIP pass of $1,595 were really out of Jenkins budget. Samsung, who is hosting the party is giving away 250 tickets for people in Austin who have the Samsung Galaxy SII & SIII. Jesse unfortunately, does not have the Galaxy and did not have the $700 to purchase one.

Cue PRINCE & The NPG & 3rdEyeGirl to the rescue. Drfunkenberry announced during last night's show that he will be seeing PRINCE live this Saturday at SXSW courtesy of PRINCE & the crew!

Jesse's reaction was priceless. We are so happy for him we cannot even tell you. Check out him talking about not being able to go around the 56 minute mark and his reaction around the 58 minute mark! Priceless!

It felt great to play the role of Ellen and be able to surprise Jesse like that.

When we contacted Jesse later that night, he had this to say;

I can hardly get any sleep Doc! I'm just so amazed! I could not even expect this and the fact that it's at my front door..WOW! Such an amazing reality!

I want to thank PRINCE, The NPG, & 3rd Eye Girl for making it happen and allowing us to do it live on the show to catch Jesse's reaction!-DocFB

Diagnosis: When U have no expectations and no sense of entitlement, U will be rewarded


Fan Tries To Attack 50 Cent At Concert In Brazil!

Wow.  This is insane.  Check it out! 

Click HERE.

It is around the 1:43 mark.  Security was all over him.  Did I see a boot to the butt or what?-Dr.FB


Michael Jackson Loved YouTube

Michael Jackson  File Photo

Michael Jackson File Photo

A source close to me revealed a story of how one of Michael Jackson's relatives showed him a bootleg video of one of his concerts on YouTube.

Michael checked it out and said;

"Wow, that's great.  where did you get this?"

The relative told him how people can upload any videos to YouTube to share with people.

Michael was impressed. 

"As long as the fans can have it, that's wonderful."

He was just pleased that they could see the footage of him, released or not.-Dr.FB