Final Season

Lost Ends. So, Was It Worth it?

So, after 6 seasons, “Lost” went had it’s series finale and for those who stuck with it, I want to know, did the last episode pay off?  Was it worth it? I know several fans who after season 3, decided to get off “Lost” and just felt it was not worth it.  So “Lost” fans, […]

Lost The Final Season Premiere

Did you all see the season premiere of “Lost” last night?  What did you think?  Any more surprises you think are in store?  Let us know!!!-Dr.FB

Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana Is Done

Miley Cyrus has announced that the upcoming season of Hannah Montana will be the last season.  Disney has confirmed it is true. The “Is Miley Saying Goodbye” arc ending season 3 will air in March while filming for the 4th and final season will start filming at the end of January. Here is Miley out […]