Katy Perry Shows Off Her “Firework” For The Troops

Katy Perry performed “Firework” for the troops as part of VH-1 Divas Salute The Troops Special. Here is hoping that the troops got earplugs.  Yikes! You know I like Katy Perry but even Simon Cowell at times thought that was kind of pitchy. Nonetheless, it is for the troops and I want to know what you […]

Kennan Covers “Firework” By Katy Perry

Kennan is getting his groove on to “Firework” by Katy Perry. We wonder if he wants Katy to perform with him like 50 Cent did a few weeks ago. Check out Kennan do his thing to Katy.  Um, that sounds kind of dirty.-Dr.FB

Katy Perry Performs “Firework” At AMA’s

Katy Perry had her first performance since getting married to Russell Brand. She performed “Firework” at the American Music Awards. She had a choir.  She had a dress that revealed a skin tight spandex outfit.  The only thing was no “fireworks” shooting from her breasts like the video. Bet the ABC censors would have had […]

Video Premiere: “Firework” By Katy Perry’s Breasts

OK, I am sure the title got your attention, but I am serious.  Fireworks shoot out from Katy Perry’s breasts. In all honesty, the song is now her dedication to the “It Gets Better” campaign and that is kind of cool.  Katy Perry also announced she will be performing on the American Music Awards November […]