Forest Lawn

Brittany Murphy Funeral Plans Released

Brittany Murphy will be laid to rest on Christmas Eve at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood. That just makes everything even more sad.  Buried on Christmas Eve.  We hope her family and loved ones stay strong during this time.-Dr.FB

Joe Jackson At It Again: Says Michael Will Be Buried On Birthday

Joe Jackson. File Photo

Upon the news that his son Michael Jackson still has yet to be buried, Joe Jackson says he will be buried on what was to be MJ’s 51st birthday. Since it’s Joe, we can’t believe it is so. His body right now is in a freezer at Forest Lawn. Joe is saying the plans have […]

Michael’s Body Is At Forest Lawn, Just Not Buried

So an update on the story we told you last week about Michael’s body finally being buried at Forest Lawn. His body is at Forest Lawn, just not buried. He is in the freezer. Katherine Jackson has visited several times since he was put there last week. No wonder celebs are still dying big time.  […]

Confirmed: Michael Jackson Has Been Buried

I never in a million years thought I would have to write a title like that. As we told you last week, Michael Jackson will be buried at Forest Lawn. This weekend, he was finally laid to rest there. While the Estate Court Room was turned into a circus yesterday by two women claiming they […]

Michael Jackson Update: AEG Out “30 Million”

Katherine Jackson won and Michael Jackson will be buried soon at Forest Lawn. The brothers were hoping to bury him at Neverland and make money off of him by making Neverland an attraction. Gotta love family, right? Also, AEG’s iron clad insurance policy they took out on Michael before his death isn’t so iron clad […]