Joe Jackson At It Again: Says Michael Will Be Buried On Birthday

Joe Jackson. File Photo
Joe Jackson Over 70 & Thinks He Is Pimpin. File Photo

Joe Jackson Over 70 & Thinks He Is Pimpin. File Photo

Upon the news that his son Michael Jackson still has yet to be buried, Joe Jackson says he will be buried on what was to be MJ's 51st birthday. Since it's Joe, we can't believe it is so. His body right now is in a freezer at Forest Lawn.

Joe is saying the plans have been made final in the past few days.  He discussed the burial plans while eating some ribs in Las Vegas at the Palms hotel and casino.

"Let me give you an exclusive about my son's burial plans while eating some ribs." Joe Jackson. Putting the ass in class since the 70's.-Dr.FB

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  2. My prayers and condolences are with the Jackson family.

  3. Its final! Michael Jackson will be laid to rest on his birth date. The world will grieve for the last time to bid goodbye. But the people is grateful for his work. His music goes on…

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