Is Ashley Tisdale Following A Trend?

Ashley Tisdale's CD Cover Guilty Pleasure.
Ashley Tisdale's CD Cover Guilty Pleasure.

Ashley Tisdale's CD Cover Guilty Pleasure.

It's the same story in Hollywood for decades.  Actor or actress wants to be a singer.  Singer or rapper wants to be an actor. The problem? Many of them are getting their wish.

I haven't listened to Ashley Tisdale's new CD (still bumping the future of 2010, Breakerbox) so I can't judge it. Miley Cyrus can sing so it opened the door for everyone and their sister to get a recording contract and get a CD out there. Demi Lovato on tour with the Jonas Brothers overseas earlier this year. Selena Gomez recording with Forever The Sickest Kids.  Lindsay Lohan had a CD out before too right? Hillary Duff as well?

Yesh. Surprised we haven't had a release from Zac Efron aside from High School Musical stuff.  If Ryan Breadcrust Seacrest gets a record deal, I am out of here.-Dr.FB


Selena Gomez: Forever The Sickest Kids

Selena Gomez is adorable.  As we posted before she has been chillin' with her "new family" and it seems like she is really into them.....Check it out!


Video: Selena Gomez & Her New Family!

Here is something Selena Gomez posted on her youtube account. It is her hanging out with some guys that are way older than her some guys who go by FTSK. (Forever The Sickest Kids) Their names are Jonathan, Kent, Kyle, Caleb, Marc, Austin!
The song they are doing is from FTSK and is entitled "She's A Lady". About the 3 minute mark, Selena joins in and kills it. Enjoy!-Dr.FB