Forget You

Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine Tells MTV “F-U”

Adam Levine File Photo

Adam Levine took to his Twitter page to tell MTV “F-U” and we are pretty sure it didn’t stand for “Forget You” at all. Yes, we made sure to use a photo of Adam at an MTV Awards show as a little way of being a jerk to his message although we hear it loud and […]

Gwyneth Paltrow Performs “Forget You” On Glee

We never had a substitute teacher like that back in high school!   Gwyneth Paltrow performed C-Lo’s “Forget you” on Glee last night and she owned it! It’s hard for me to watch an entire episode of Glee but these musical numbers are pretty cool. Check out “Forget you” by C- Lo GreenGwyneth Paltrow from last […]