What Is Up With Madonna’s Hands?

Madonna. Photo: Splashnewsonline.com
Madonna. Photo: Splashnewsonline.com

Madonna. Photo: Splashnewsonline.com

WTF?   Ok, at first I was tripping on the whole jogging outfit track suit and the fedora look and how weird she wore it....and then...I saw her hands and could not focus on anything else!

At first, I was like that can't be her hands.  Nightmare On Elm Street's remake just came out and thought maybe she was wearing Freddy Kruger hands.  Nope.  That is her real hands. 

I mean for 51, Madonna has held up pretty well, with a few little obvious surgeries but...her hands?  That is some downright scary stuff right there.  They look rather big as well, don't they? 

Don't worry, Lindsay Lohan's hands are worse.  She still is pulling Jesus Luz, right?  So what do you think?  Time for Madonna to bring back the lace gloves or are her hands still sexy?-Dr.FB