Shania Twain’s Divorce Is Official

Shania Twain. File Photo

Shania Twain. File Photo

Shania Twain is now officially single but as People.com is reporting, she is not available.

Shania was seen over a week ago with Frédéric Thiébaud, which ironically is the husband of the woman who Shania's ex, Mutt Lange cheated with.  So basically, they swapped spouses. 

As we reported earlier this year, Shania is set to shoot a reality show for the O Network entitled "Why Not?" which will document her and her career at this stage of her life.

There is also speculation she will be a full time judge on American Idol.  I don't see it happening as that would mean 3 female judges with only "Dogg" Randy Jackson being the lone male judge.

Happy Shania is doing well and somehow found love in a weird way after being cheated on.-Dr.FB