Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine Tells MTV “F-U”

Adam Levine File Photo
Adam Levine File Photo

Adam Levine File Photo

Adam Levine took to his Twitter page to tell MTV "F-U" and we are pretty sure it didn't stand for "Forget You" at all.

Yes, we made sure to use a photo of Adam at an MTV Awards show as a little way of being a jerk to his message although we hear it loud and clear.  Thanks to Mishell1972 for the heads up.

Adam had this to say about the MTV Video Music Awards;

the VMA's. one day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music. I'm drawing a line in the sand. fuck you VMA's.

So did MTV respond back?

Soooo you'll be tuning in at 9/8C tomorrow right?  (BTW, bonus points if you TwitPic your 2004 Moonman!)

Adam responded back with 2 comments to show that he is not regretting what he said;

still waiting to have my "jerry macguire mission statement moment of deep regret..." not happening. phew!

i may be a pop singer. but every once in a while the angsty teenager in me just blurts out some raw honesty.  it's a reflex.

We wonder if the comments Adam made will change how often MTV plays their videos.....when they do play videos.

Although what Adam said is true, it is rare that an artist just comes out and says it so matter of factly.  Other artists have said it and then...they can't get a video on MTV..no matter how good it is.  They will just say it is not good enough.

Straight up, MTV, if you can't take the comments, do something about it.  The M in MTV used to stand for Music and not Mooki or Snookie or whatever.  I am promoting the MTV Awards HEAVILY on my site.  The reason is not because of MTV but because MUSIC MATTERS to me.  Anytime there is a light shined on music, I will champion it.

The MTV Awards will be highly rated this year.  Why?  Not because MTV put a lot into the show....(They didn't even get a host this year) but because people are STARVING for live musical performances.  I wish I had a billion dollars so I could show MTV how it's done!  Take em to church, Adam!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  eMpty TV


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