Gabe Dixon

Gabe Dixon Performs ” F You/Til Your Gone” Live At Room 5

Here is Gabe Dixon performing “F You” by Cee Lo and Gabe’s own “Til Your Gone live at room 5. We really like Gabe and we want to thank KTLA’s Allie Mackay for letting us know about this clip.  It is one of her favorites. What can I say, she has good taste.  Check out Gabe Dixon […]

Gabe Dixon Performs “Even The Rain” Live In Room 5

Gabe Dixon took to Room 5 to perform “Even The Rain” live with just him and his trusty piano. The album, which has been on rotation on my iPod, is getting great reviews all over. Here is a quote from our friend at USA Today Elysa Gardner speaking on the studio version of “Even The […]

Gabe Dixon Performs “My Favorite” & More On Jimmy Kimmel

Gabe Dixon performed “My Favorite” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. If you haven’t seen the video for “My Favorite” and the piano tricks Gabe does, check it out HERE. I like the old school piano he is using in the performance.  I’ve had Dixon’s CD for about 2 months and I have been digging on it.  […]

In “My Favorite” Video, Gabe Dixon Does Piano Tricks

  In the latest video by Gabe Dixon, “My Favorite” he is seen jumping in and out of a piano quite a few times.  A special effect, right?  Nope!  It is Gabe actually going in and out of the piano by himself.  No effects, no stuntman.  Check out the latest by Gabe as “One Spark” […]