Gary Numan

New Video: Gary Numan “I Am Dust”

The Gary Numan ‘I Am Dust’ video was made using a Tachyons+ video glitch synth effected live via HI-8 camera and a CRT television captured by a modern digital camera. No computer post production was used in the making of this video. The video was directed by Logan Owlbeemoth with video effects by Omebi Velouria. […]

Cars: Gary Numan North American Tour Kicks Off Tonight! SXSW Appearances!

Industrial and Electro music pioneer Gary Numan kicks off an extensive North American tour tonight in Solana Beach, CA, including his first-ever appearance at SXSW, in support of his latest critically acclaimed album, ‘Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)‘. Numan will be giving the tour a carnival atmosphere by taking out special guests Big Black Delta and Romain Remains, […]