Scene & Heard: Tokio Hotel Edition

Tokio Hotel was not in Tokio yesterday, but actually set up shop in Germany.  The group was at the Waldbuehne venue in Berlin to check out Prince in concert.  They mixed in with the crowd and enjoyed the concert thrown down by one of America’s finest musicians of all time.-Dr.FB

Salma Hayek Debuts New ‘Doo

Over the weekend, Salma Hayek attended Ein Herz fuer Kinder Gala (A Heart for Children Gala) in Berlin, Germany and debuted a new ‘doo to go along with it. Salma walked away with more than being one of the most stunning women in the world.   She was given the Golden Heart Award trophy for her […]

Scarlett Johansson Touches The MANGO

Scarlett Johansson was in Germany for the Mango 2009/10 Launch.  Scarlett will be in Iron Man 2 next year which should be one of the hugest movies of the year. We are looking forward to her playing the Black Widow, I must say.-Dr.FB

Tara Reid Does Oktoberfest

Tara Reid enjoyed the local culture in Munich, Germany  while celebrating Oktoberfest.   Scope out the dude behind her, he doesn’t look too impressed by what he sees, actually he looks kinda sad! I don’t blame him.  I’d probably have the same look on my face if I had to be that close to her while trying […]

Lady Gaga Goes Out In Her Bra Bra

After performing a show in Hamburg, Germany, Lady Gaga decided to play dress-up, or un-dress-up as is the case this time. Hamburg, y’all know you funky anyway. Lady Gag decided to just go out in a bra and some funky underwear or underthings and stockings. The pink lipstick is an interesting choice. Hey, after that […]