Glamour Magazine

Rachel McAdams Covers Glamour; Talks McDonalds

Rachel McAdams. Photo: Glamour Magazine

If you thought Rachel McAdams was too pretty to work at McDonald’s, you would be wrong. In the latest issue of Glamour, Rachel is on the cover and admits to working there. McAdams. McDonald’s. yea, I guess now, we kind of see it. The actress told Glamour about working there; Yeah, for a good three […]

Vanessa Shows Off Her Pussy…..cats

Vanessa Hudgens. Photo: Glamour Magazine

Vanessa Hudgens has done a photo spread for Glamour Magazine and should off her pussy yet again.  What?  Oh I mean her pussycats.  You know, kittens.  Yes, a few years ago Vanessa was caught with some shots of her showing off her kitty, and we can’t and won’t show that because..well….she is underage..and that ish […]

Demi Moore’s Streak Of Hotness Continues

Demi Moore landed in Florida and made the weather just a little bit hotter. She as there to show her new short film “Streak.” I just checked her age.  Demi is 46! What the heck?  She looks even better than she did in Striptease and Charlie’s Angels.  Did time stop or what?  Ashton, somebody, what’s […]