Video Premiere: Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment”

Here is new video of Adam Lambert “For Your Entertainment” which falls on the heels of some crazy promotion in Adam’s favor with the cancelling of GMA and now his performance this morning on “The Early Show” along with an appearance on David Letterman. Let me know what you think of the new video.-Dr.FB

Lambert Responds To GMA Cancellation

After GMA said no back-up dancers and Lambert said no and then GMA pulled the plug with Adam basically pulling out, Lambert released a few statements: On GMA not letting him do his act on the show; “Obviously I respect their decision, they gotta do what they gotta do. It’s too bad, I think there […]

Adam Lambert Pulls Out Of GMA And Does Early Show

The backlash of his American Music Award performance is happening. Adam Lambert was supposed to perform on Good Morning America tomorrow in front of the Hudson Theatre for about 700 fans. GMA insisted that ONLY Adam perform and without any of his back-up dancers so there will be no threat of any crotch holding faces […]

Ewan McGregor Has Swagger?

Ewan McGregor stopped by Good Morning America yesterday to promote his new movie “Angels & Demons.” Nothing like throwing horseshoes to promote a movie. Yes, Obi-Wan threw horseshoes on GMA. “Angels & Demons” is technically the sequel to “The Da Vinci Code”, and Ewan did not even need to leave L.A. while filming took place […]