Sesame Street Along With Metallica Used To Torture Guantanamo Bay Prisoners

Sesame Street
Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Sunny days? Not if you were a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay!

It is being revealed that Sesame Street was used as torture to prisoners at the facility. This is according to a new documentary released by Al Jazeera.

The documentary entitled "Songs of War" stats that prisoners would have headphones put on them blasting Sesame Street songs for hours on end.

Award-winning Sesame Street composer Christopher Cerf tells Al Jazeera, "My first reaction was this just can't possibly be true ..."

"Of course I didn't really like the idea that I was helping break down prisoners, but it was much worse when I heard later that they were actually using the music in Guantanamo to do deep, long-term interrogations and obviously to inflict enough pain on prisoners so they would talk."

In 2008, it was revealed the prison would use Metallica songs to torture the prisoners. We wonder if Lars Ulrich and Big Bird have hung out since.

What would you use for torture music; Metallica or Sesame Street?-DocFB