What’s Up Doc “Hard To Earn” Edition Celeb News Wrap Up

Hello everyone. Here is another dish of celeb news wrap up.

This week we cover "Glee" and a cast member run in, Maxwell, John Mayer, Agnes, Prince, Debi Nova and along with a tribute to Guru.

Much Love to everyone who braved my cold and the site issues we had earlier this week. Keep it funky!~-Dr.FB


Guru Dies After Losing Battle With Cancer

Guru. File Photo
Guru. File Photo

Guru. File Photo

Rapper Guru, from the group Gangstarr, died on Monday due to complications to Cancer.  He was in the hospital for 2 months and did slip into a coma at one point.

He had been battling it for a while and tried to keep it secret but last March when he was admitted for a heart attack, the news broke of his cancer.

For more on Guru's death please go HERE.

R.I.P. Guru, you will be missed.-Dr.FB