Kate Kind Of Looks Like An 8

Holy Hannah! Is that Kate Gosselin? What looks different about her? She looks….well….a lot better. I guess not being with Jon agrees with her. I still wish she would change her hairstyle but I guess that is something her n hairdresser need to discuss. I still can’t get over that the villain Kate earlier this […]

For Kate Gosselin, 8 Is More Than Enough

Kate Gosselin made an appearance with her 8 children in public.  Suck on that Octomom! God, I hope that whack ass hairstyle does not catch on.  She was with her bodyguard, you know, the one she is cheating on her husband with.  Yes, her husband has been cheating on her too.  Man, what happened to […]

Kim Kardashian: My Life As A Blonde

Keeping up with the ever-changing looks of Kim Kardashian. She debited a new look while in New York on Sunday and we are not sure what to think of it. The side look is not the best view of it but did not want to use the one she twittered with this time.  She still […]