Harvey Levin

Who Is More Popular? An Oscar Host Or A TMZ Guy?

Billy Crystal & The TMZ Guy. Photo: Drfunkenberry.com

Over the weekend, I took in the Clipper game with my friend  in a box inside Staple Center.  Who do we see but Oscar host Billy Crystal and 4 seats over…..that guy from TMZ! No, not the TMZ long-haired blonde guy who gets more booty than any toilet seat.  No, not the TMZ guy from Ireland who […]

Alec Baldwin To Retire After 30 Rock

Alec Baldwin says when his contract in 2012 ends on 30 Rock, he is done. Retired. Alec is still pissed at the voicemail incident from 2 years ago where mainstream media went tabloid in his book. This was brought up in a Playboy interview hitting stands this week. From Matt Lauer doing an interview with […]