Heartbreak Warfare

John Mayer: What A Racket

John Mayer. Photo: INFDaily.com

John Mayer was seen playing Tennis in Australia and having a pretty good time. It does not seem like Tennis is “Heartbreak Warfare” for John at all.-Dr.FB

Video Premiere~John Mayer “Heartbreak Warfare”

“If you want more Love, then why don’t so?”  Well, I am saying so.  Here is the new video for what is becoming my favorite John Mayer song, “Heartbreak Warfare” n I hope you like it to.  Y’ll don’t remember that Playboy interview do you?-Dr.FB

Video: John Mayer “Heartbreak Warfare” On Leno

John Mayer performed “Heartbreak Warfare” from his hit album “Battle Studies” on the Jay Leno show and friend of Drfunkenberry.com David Ryan Harris was back with John playing guitar. I dig the song and the performance. Let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

Enter Into John’s World

John Mayer is AWESOME! Today, he released his video for Heartbreak Warfare off his upcoming album Battle Studies. The coolest thing about it is, it’s an Augmented Reality video!!! How frickin’ cool is that?! Rather than me rambling and carrying on…I want EVERYONE to check the link and go see for yourself. You will need […]