Video: Avril Lavigne Returns With “Here’s To Never Growing Up”

Avril Lavigne Promo Photo

Avril Lavigne has returned with "Here's To Never Growing Up" which is also an ode to Radiohead. Hmm. Didn't Katy Perry do that with "Teenage Dream"? Ahh, how quickly people forget.

She is never growing up...or changing her style. Well, with 7 million views already, can you blame her? She is even making Nickleback kinda cool as she engaged to their front-man. If I admitted to you that I knew his his name, you guys might pull my cool card.

The song is catchy and reminds me of "Here's To The Night" by Eve 6 released about 13 years ago. I smell them being featured on #ThrowbackThursday this week to remind you.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Funk It.....but not for mentioning Radiohead