Nikka Costa Responds About Missing Heroes Benefit

Nikka Costa www.wordpress.com
Nikka Costa www.wordpress.com

Nikka Costa www.wordpress.com

Straight up, Nikka Costa is a class act

We went to the Heroes For Autism show on Sunday and had a great time. We couldn't understand why the baddest white chick on the planet Nikka Costa wasn't there or Sheryl Crow.

It was the question of the night and I posted on here about it. Well Nikka saw it and hit us up about it. She was sick!

Here is what Nikka had to say:

"hey all, just wanted to clear up why i wasnt there…I got sick and on the 100 degree day of the show was under my down comforter with a 102 fever shiverring my ass off!

I can count the amount of times Ive cancelled a show or appearance so you know it was bad if I didn't think I could make it.Sorry for everyone who was looking forward to it…I was too.

The good news at least is that hard earned dollars didnt just go to some promoters and agents…it is a worthy cause and a tax write off so hopefully that eases the sting a bit.peace in the middle east y’all".


Nikka, you are a class act. Thank you so much for clarifying that. If only they told us that at the show what happened to you instead of not saying anything.

If anything ever happens like this again, just hit me and I will get it out. :) I got your back like a jacket.

I got nothing but love for you and your crew. Look forward to your next show here in L. A. and maybe we can be as loud as the New York crowds!-Dr.FB

P.S. Hope you feel better!


Nikka Costa & Sheryl Crow A No Show

Sheryl Crow & Nikka Costa did not perform at the "Heroes For Autism" show last night with Wendy & Lisa.

We heard Sheryl Crow backed out on Friday and did not hear anything about Nikka until we were there.

WTH?  Does anyone know what happened before I go off?-Dr.FB


Nikka Costa Joins Wendy & Lisa For Heroes For Autism Concert

Nikka Costa
Nikka Costa Promotional Shot.

Nikka Costa Promotional Shot.

OK, now I really want to go to this.

The Heroes for Autism Benefit will be hosted by Rainn Wilson of the Office and will feature Wendy & Lisa headlining with an all star band that will feature Sheryl Crow & Nikka Costa!