Why Did People Not Believe That Ronnie James Dio Died?

Ronnie James Dio. Photo: Chiaki Nozu/WireImage

The passing of a legend happened over the weekend as Ronnie James Dio passed away.  The question is, when did he really die?  I know for most, it does not matter. I was told early Saturday evening that Ronnie James Dio passed away from a battle with stomach cancer.  I was asked to sit on […]

My Tribute To Balloon Boy. Listen Now!

[audio:http://www.drfunkenberry.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/02-99-Luftballons.MP3] Hope you enjoy me making light of this rather lame story. Enjoy this classic song.-Dr.FB

Police Confirm Balloon Boy WAS A Hoax!

A Colorado Sherriff have confirmed the “Balloon Boy” was a HOAX. Drfunkenberry readers who trusted my judgment knew this was a hoax on Friday. The dad calls the local TV stations before calling the police. His “overacting” crocodile tears after the boy was found in the attic. The boy saying “We did this for the show” […]