Chris Brown Slams Frank Ocean “Man, No Homo”

Frank Ocean & Chris Brown.  Photo: Buzzlov3.com

He just cannot stop talking, can he? Chris Brown went after Frank Ocean again, this time while in Paris, France, Chris was asked about Ocean and he proclaimed "Man, no homo" while walking away.

The term "no homo" is used quite frequently in the rap/hip-hop community to disregard anything that could be deemed homosexual in nature.

Chris quickly took to Twitter after to say: "My Opinion on the whole Frank Ocean subject is ......... Love who u wanna love. It's ur decision. People stop searching for BS."

Shortly later, he seemed to attack again, stating: "The world is so bent on social acceptance that we've forgotten what makes us special... Our individuality! #Imdone #readabookbitch"

This is not the first time Brown has had beef with Ocean.  Brown called out the group Ocean is involved with, Odd Future, going after Tyler The Creator and Ocean last year. It was a twitter war where the "N" word was dropped quite frequently.

Tyler stated that Chris Brown was just mad because Amber Rose stole his hairstyle and Ocean compared Brown to Sisqo of "Thong Song" fame. They actually followed Ocean in his car and tried to have it out with him in the streets last year,

Frank Ocean "came out" earlier this month stating he was bisexual in his blog. He has said nothing further about his former relationship or whom he is with now.-DocFB