Post Hoodie Pics On Twitter & Facebook For Trayvon Martin!!

Hoodie Pic Of Drfunkenberry For Trayvon Martin

I’m sure by now you have heard about Trayvon Martin being shot and killed for wearing a hoodie. Trayvon was unarmed but the person who shot him said he looked dangerous. The killer has yet to be arrested for killing Martin. I’ve been trying to think of a way to honor Trayvon and at the same […]

Rihanna Gets Under Her Hoodie..ie..ie..ie

Rihanna was out in New York last night where it started to rain.  No umbrella in sight, so she wore her hoodie…ie..ie…. Ahem. (Silence.)  Err.  (Crickets chirping.)  3000 posts people.  They all can’t be winners.  Speaking of wins, Rihanna’s testimony on Monday in the Chris Brown Case will not be televised.  We think she would […]

Jennifer Aniston Takes The Hood Off

Earlier in the day, Jennifer Aniston was dodging photogs by covering herself with her hoodie.  Later, not hiding so much. I believe this was her 1st appearance after the 2nd break-up between her and John Mayer.  Is anyone really keeping watch?-Dr.FB