Hot Chocolate

Listen Now To “When Christmas Comes” By Mariah Carey & John Legend

Mariah Carey has posted “When Christmas Comes” with John Legend, her duet to warm up the holidays. They can’t wait to unwrap their love…..for you. Me? If you want to unwrap my love, stop by Fredericks of Hollywood…and bring me some hot chocolate with you. All joking aside….It is a cool duet.  I may just […]

Old School Jam Of The Moment: Hot Chocolate “You Sexy Thing”

Yes, we ARE going there and taking you there.  We feel it’s getting a little colder outside and we needed to serve you something warm. “You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate is a 4 minute slice of funk that should warm you up.  Cool songs like this should be used just to sell Root Beer, […]