Howie Mandell

Conan Plays “Deal Or No Deal” Tonight Show Edition

Conan O’Brien played “Deal or No Deal” when it came to the “The Tonight Show” with Howie Mandell. Conan took a weird stab at Leno however. On Leno’s show, he took a joke Conan used last Friday about the “Biggest Loser” and it wasn’t funny. Sooooo…..Conan gets our Late Night Clip of the day…..or is […]

News & Notes: To Catch A Spider

Marvel Films and Sam Rami are parting ways which means Tobey Macguire & Kirsten Dunst will no longer appear in Spider-Man 4 or any other Spider-Man movie.   There was talk that John Malkovich was going to play “The Vulture” villian in the scrapped film, which Rami wanted, while Marvel wanted a story with the “The […]

UPDATE:Howie Mandell Released Fom Hospital

Howie Mandell was rushed to a hospital in Toronto, Canada last night. It appears he had an irregular heartbeat. It was first reported he had chest pains and a possible heart attack but it is just an irregular heartbeat.  The deal or no deal host could be released today.-Dr.FB UPDATE Howie has been released from […]