Iron Man 2

Robert Downey Jr. Is Red-Carpet Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. & Gweneth Paltrow. Photo: Matt Sales.

Robert Downey Jr. attended the L.A. Premiere of “Iron Man 2” which is slated for release May 7th. They are already talking and thinking of Iron Man 3 in 2012-2013. You gotta hand it to RDJ though.  On the red carpet, he is dashing and quite debonair.  The stache looks a little dyed but still……is […]

Iron Man 2 Poster Revealed

Sweetness! Here is the movie poster for Iron Man 2, hitting May 7th 2010. I am sooo looking forward to it. Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man.  Can you go wrong?  Oh wait.  Mickey Rourke is in it.  Maybe you can go wrong.-Dr.FB

Scarlett Johansson Touches The MANGO

Scarlett Johansson was in Germany for the Mango 2009/10 Launch.  Scarlett will be in Iron Man 2 next year which should be one of the hugest movies of the year. We are looking forward to her playing the Black Widow, I must say.-Dr.FB

Preview Of Mickey Rourke In Iron Man 2? released a drawing of Whiplash, who is being played by Mickey Rourke and the villain Robert Downey Jr. will be facing in Iron Man 2. So is this what we will expect Rourke to look like when the movie comes out in 2010. Regardless, I am looking forward to this movie next year. Are […]

New Photos Of Iron Man 2 Released

New images of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and the cast of  Iron Man 2 was released at Comic-Con yesterday in San Diego. Robert still looks heavenly cool as Tony Stark and it is still a year off til we get to see this movie.  This is def one of the ones on my list for […]