Did Kobe Bryant Use A Homophobic Slur During NBA Game? Watch Video


Kobe Bryant had a bad night last night.  He got his 14th technical foul with 1 game in the season to play.  If he gets 15, he is suspended.  His frustration is no excuse for what he MIGHT have said after picking up that 14th technical foul.  It seems he may have thrown a homophobic gay slur out there.

The camera was on Kobe and.....if you are a good lip reader....it does look like he said "What?  F'n F*g!"  This is lip-reading..not the sound of it.  There are ways around this...and believe me,  Kobe and a team of peeps are trying to find a way around this.  I bet you this is one thing they just may try....

I have a feeling Kobe will say he was saying something in Italian because he was mad.  Kobe does speak Italian along with several other languages.  He will say he has gay friends and he would never disrespect them like that.  Shoot, he may even throw in he has a gay uncle or something.

Just because someone appears to have mouthed the words, doesn't mean they did.  It looks like it...but...did he?

Watch the video above around the 34 second mark and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Read My Lips


Scene & Heard: Bradley Cooper & Renee Zellweger

Bradley Cooper sure does love having Italian food with actresses. Just two weeks ago, Bradley was seen with Jennifer Aniston having Italian food at a swanky restaurant.  This time, his date was Renee Zellweger.

"The Hangover" stud and Renee are working on a movie together "Case 39", so there is a chance it just could have been two co-stars having a nice meal while in New York City although reports put them as being extremely friendly and flirty during the dinner.

It's pretty fair to say that Bradley is enjoying his success, we are just not sure yet if it is in excess.-Dr.FB


Cristiano Ronaldo Likes The Spicy Meatballs

Cristiano Ronaldo In Beverly Hills.  Photo: Bauergriffen.com
Cristiano Ronaldo In Beverly Hills.  Photo: Bauergriffen.com

Cristiano Ronaldo In Beverly Hills. Photo: Bauergriffen.com

Cristiano Ronaldo had some tasty Italian food while in Beverly Hills Monday night. He is due for surgery next week in Miami for an abdominal injury that kept him out of the World Cup.

We wonder if spicy food is the best thing before having ab surgery.  Just saying. Well, at least you can enjoy the photo of him we posted.  Choowww!-Dr.FB