She’s Back & Still Complicated

After the show being cancelled 3 times, Ryan Seacrest must have some serious pull with E! as Denise Richards is still complicated and still has a show.

It seems at least from this preview that she is not showing her kids that much, which may just help her. I can't believe I am saying it, but it just might. The woman was straight annoying on the first season. Will we see a change. Guess you have to tune in to find out. We will see if I am still interested by then.-Dr.FB


Cancelled TV Shows; 1 Complicated Return

Mad TV, after 14 seasons, has been cancelled.  Guess Saturday Night Live has been kicking them for the past two years due to the election....

Brooke Shields' show Lipstick Jungle was cancelled after a season and a half.....

Also, NBC cancelled My Own Worst Enemy starring Christian Slater after 4 episodes.....

King Of The Hill, which has been cancelled by FOX looks like it might end up next year on ABC.........

The show that has been cancelled 3 times, Denise Richard's: It's Complicated, appears to be returning to E! Network.  Either Ryan Breadcrust Seacrest has pull or I want to know who Denise or Ryan blew to get that show back on the air.-Dr.FB