Spotted….L.A. Lakers Edition

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

Spotted at the Laker Game against The Utah Jazz:

Denzel Washington, Craig Robinson,Leonardo DiCaprio, Flea, Eliza Dushko, Greg Kinnear & Jack Nicholson.

Also, the only Dodger to hit for the cycle at Dodger Stadium, Orlando Hudson was in attendance along with fellow Dodgers James Loney & Matt Kemp.

It's almost playoff time so all you Utah, San Antonio, Dallas, Boston, & Cleveland fans, where you at?  Celeb and the regular folk, let your voices be heard.  The Autumns, The Megan's, The Dave's, and that one dude in L.A. cheering for Boston & Kevin Garnett (yes, you), again, where you at?

Cleveland may have home court but can they keep it?  We will see.-Dr.FB


Manny Being Manny!

The Dodgers In It To Win It.  Photo:  Jaime Squire Getty Images
The Dodgers In It To Win It.  Photo:  Jaime Squire Getty Images

The Dodgers In It To Win It. Photo: Jaime Squire Getty Images

The Dodgers won thier 2nd playoff game in 20 years, knocking off the Chicago Cubs.  7-2 was the final score I believe and all the Dodger runs came off of home run smacks including a grand slam by James Loney.

The Dodgers are the bad guys in the situation.  Why are we the bad guys?  We haven't won a world series in 20 years.  We haven't won a playoff game in 20 years.  Right now a guy in Chicago is saying 20 years ain't jack docfb!

The Cubbies have not won a a World Series in 100 years!  Yup.  100 years.  Yes, they have won playoff series but a 100 years is a 100 years. 

Let me say this straight up; If the Cubs were not playing the Dodgers, I would be rooting for them.  I want to see them win one in my lifetime. 

The reason I don't see it happening at least right now?  The Cubs fans, the Cubs players and the Cubs coaches.  They had that look on thier faces that they believe the curse of the billy goat and Steve Bartman.   They believe that ish. 

Now, they are facing the person who ended the curse of the Bambino, Manny Ramirez, who now for everyone may just have the curse to end all curses; the Curse of the Mambino!-Dr.FB