Spotted….L.A. Lakers Edition

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

Spotted at the Laker Game against The Utah Jazz:

Denzel Washington, Craig Robinson,Leonardo DiCaprio, Flea, Eliza Dushko, Greg Kinnear & Jack Nicholson.

Also, the only Dodger to hit for the cycle at Dodger Stadium, Orlando Hudson was in attendance along with fellow Dodgers James Loney & Matt Kemp.

It's almost playoff time so all you Utah, San Antonio, Dallas, Boston, & Cleveland fans, where you at?  Celeb and the regular folk, let your voices be heard.  The Autumns, The Megan's, The Dave's, and that one dude in L.A. cheering for Boston & Kevin Garnett (yes, you), again, where you at?

Cleveland may have home court but can they keep it?  We will see.-Dr.FB

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  1. What? No love for my Miami Heat???

    D. Wade is the real MVP! Stop fronting!

    Anything can happen in the playoffs and Flash will show that witches!

  2. Big LBJ 23 has locked MVP!!! Im rootin Cavs J !!!!! Cavs baby!

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