Source: Conan To End Tonight Show Run Next Week?

Conan & Jay.  Will Both Stay?  File Photo

Conan & Jay. Will Both Stay? File Photo

"Conan does not currently plan on doing any more new shows after next week,”

This comment was just sent out by Conan's people to the media.

NBC will not comment but it looks like Conan will be leaving 2 weeks before they wanted him to.

Make no mistake: NBC was trying to force Conan out to put Jay's Tonight Show, which was number 1 for 15 years, back at 1135 and if Conan didn't like it he could see the door.

Conan is taking the door and giving NBC two fingers. You can guess which ones.

No word yet if Conan will go to Fox or take the next 4 years off paid by NBC.-Dr.FB