Khloe Is The Envy Of Her Kardashian Sisters

Khloe Kardashian File Photo
Khloe Kardashian File Photo

Khloe Kardashian File Photo

So if you have been living under a rock, Khloe Kardashian is marrying NBA Basketball player Lamar Odom this weekend. The Los Angeles Laker star and the reality star met just over a month ago. Don't you wonder how the other Kardashian sisters feel?

I am sure they are happy for Khloe but must be surprised. Kim dated Reggie Bush for how many years and no ring. Kourtney is pregnant with longtime on again off again boyfriend Scott and still no ring. But Lamar Odom, wants to get married now to Khloe and wasted no time.

We do hear that Kourtney does wish that Scott will propose and hopefully be married by the time the baby is due. Kim has not said anything but has been extremely supportive of Khloe in every way. She has every right to be upset and somewhat envy Khloe. Wouldn't you if it was your own sister getting married while the talk of marriage is what broke up your relationship?

Khloe always felt like the ugly duckling of the family but I am sure she does not feel that way anymore and it must be nice for her to have her sisters be jealous of her for a change.

Congrats to Lamar & Khloe even if I have not been invited....yet. I am happy for you two and both of your families.-Dr.FB