Jennifer's Body

Still Going Strong….

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are still together, even after the cameras caught them, Megan went the other way. Does her being with him affect her draw of males to her movies? Nope. Now, if she was a brand spanking new actress or singer, I would say yes. I don’t think any guy says […]

Megan Fox To Host Saturday Night Live

In a little over a month, Saturday Night Live will be returning to the air. With it, Megan Fox will be there as your guest host. Saturday Night Live was the shhhh last year. I hope it continues it’s role with a slew of good guest hosts, memorable musical artists, and great writing and sketches. […]

Megan Fox Premieres “Jennifer’s Body” At Comic-Con

So Megan Fox debuted her new movie “Jennifer’s Body” at Comic-Con. So, basically, everyone who was going to see her movie just did. Comic book geeks are going to be the only ones wanting to see this movie that just looks really bad. I will wait for cable or whatever for it. Yes, she still […]