Jesus Luz

Madonna & Jesus Take In Carnival

Madonna & Jesus along with Lourdes and Mercy took in Carnival while in Rio De Janeiro for Valentines. Madonna was the material girl from Impanema earlier in the night as her and Jesus had dinner at a restaurant with that name. The entire Madonna family got dressed up in festive outfits and had a grand […]

Madonna & Jesus Luz Still Together?

Madonna and Jesus Luz are together…..well for now.   Someone leaked a story that Madonna and Jesus were spotted in London earlier this week  for the premiere for “A Single Man” and were all over each other. By mid-week, Madonna was spotted in New York partying with a bunch of guys, but it all seemed to be friendly […]

Madonna & Jesus Luz Split

Madonna & Jesus Luz

Madonna and Jesus Luz have split.   Was the age difference too much? It is being reported that the age difference was a problem along with their schedules not meshing.   It was actually Jesus who initiated the split, stating basically that they did not have enough in common.  This is only going to add fuel to […]

Madonna & Jesus Luz Get Charitable

Jesus & Madonna Haiti Event

Jesus & Madonna were spotted after the Hope For Haiti event, where Madonna performed her 80’s classic “Like A Prayer” for the benefit. It’s hard to believe that couple have been together and going strong for almost a year now.  For some reason, the hat, although stylish, makes Jesus look younger.  Go on Madonna, do […]

A Pain In The Neck From The Past

I wanted to get this pain in the neck out there for the ladies.  Who could forget Madonna’s spread for W. magazine with the newly minted new boy toy in her life, Jesus Luz.  Shaking my head still about tattooing your own name on your back.  Seriously? So like Adam Lambert would say, here is […]