Jimmy Buffett Falls From Stage; Lays Unconscious

Jimmy Buffett. File Photo
Jimmy Buffett. File Photo

Jimmy Buffett. File Photo

Well, at least it happened on his final show over there.  Jimmy Buffett took a fall while performing in Australia today.

Lights blinded him on stage and he took a fall that left him unconscious for about 5-10 minutes and with a huge gash on his head.  He fell from the stage hitting some metal around the stage.  It was during his encore towards the end of the show. 

It took paramedics 15 minutes to arrive after he awoke from being knocked out.  15 minutes is pretty good time for medics to arrive in Hawaii.  If in L.A., it may have been about 10 minutes. 

Buffett is in stable condition and should recover fine.-Dr.FB


Bret Michaels Performs “Margaritaville” With Jimmy Buffett

Bret Michaels joined Jimmy Buffett in Detroit to perform "Margaritaville" and after a Monday, couldn't you use a trip to "Margaritaville?"

Let me know waht you think. Not the biggest fan of the song but good to see Bret doing well.-Dr.FB


Fergie Joins List Of Dolphin Owners

Fergie Photo: Babble.com
Fergie File Photo

Fergie File Photo

Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas now has something in common with Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Venus & Serena Williams,  Jimmy Buffett, Emilo and Gloria Estefan. She is about to be a part of the celebrity's that own the Miami Dolphins.

Team owner Steve Ross has not made an agreement with the singer but the NFL has approved her when she does sign.

In a related NFL note, it does not look like Rush Limbaugh would be able to be an owner of the St. Louis Rams even though he threw his prescriptionshat into the ring. Maybe next time you call someone like Donavon McNabb just another "black" quarterback, you will actually think before speaking.

So Fergie, who sings about her humps owns an NFL team and Rush doesn't?  All right then.-Dr.FB