Kathy Griffin

Oh No! Kathy Griffin Gets The “Miley” Cut Too!

Oh man! This could be a cool trend! Kathy Griffin took to her Twitter and Instagram to show off how she would look with the new Miley Cyrus haircut….and….there is just a little too much face when it comes to Kathy to make it work. Still, it is VERY funny. She even posted a pick […]

Kathy Griffin Takes On Chelsea Lately

Check out Kathy Griffin on Chelsea Lately last night. Her and Chelsea Handler are quite a handful. They talk about how Chelsea’s brother wants a piece of Kathy. Kathy even talks about her soul patch down below. Ahem.-Dr.FB

What’s Up Doc The Glam Life Edition

  The week in celebrity news with DrFunkenberry.com including Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Katy Perry, Kathy Griffin, Scott Brown, David Hasselhoff, Prince, Sheila E., Tamar Kaprelian and more. Hope you all dig it and have a great weekend and keep it funky!~-Dr.FB

Since When Did Kathy Griffin Get All Sexy n Stuff?

Kathy Griffin. Photo: Twitter.com/Mike Ruiz

Kathy Griffin released this picture late last night via Twitter with this message: Look at my picture. LOOK AT IT!!! You’ve been a VERY bad boy…or girl…or transgendered person. (photo by the amazing Mike Ruiz) Wow.  I mean I never thought Kathy Griffin looked like Peter Griffin but she does look kind of hot with that […]