LMFAO Bring Too Much Mankini Kawk To Leno

Guess there was too much Kawk by LMFAO on Leno the other night because the clip is not available on his site. LMFAO performed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Thursday night performing “Sexy & I Know It” and they stripped down to their mankini’s and rocked out…ahem..with their kawk’s out. Pardon the person who keeps whistling at […]

OMG! LMFAO “Sexy & I Know It” Video Has Too Much Kawk In It

The new video “Sexy & I Know It” by LMFAO has us saying OMG. The video, featuring a little too much mankini action along with a cameo by Ron Jeremy and Wilmer Valderrama (not wearing mankini’s thank God) but it is a little TMTH (Too Much To Handle) for even us. Check out the video. Don’t say we didn’t warn […]

Top Searches On Drfunkenberry.com For 7/4/11

Katy Perry Rolling Stone Cover

Here are the top searches bringing YOU to DrFunkenberry.com 1. Fireworks 2. Chris Brown 3. Sofia Vergara 4. Kim Kardashian Twitter 5. Salma Hayek 6. Dr.Funkenberry (That’s me!) 7.  Katy Perry No Bra 8.  Katy Perry Hot 9. Rihanna 10.  Kawk -Dr.FB Diagnosis:  Search This!