George Michael Kick Off Tour, Admits Split With Kenny Goss

George Michael. Photo: Mirror.co.uk
George Michael. Photo: Mirror.co.uk

George Michael. Photo: Mirror.co.uk

George Michael kicked off his Symphonic Tour with a new song, a couple covers, and the announcement that longtime lover Kenny Goss and himself have been split for over 2 years.

We reported on the break-up about 2 years ago but some "die-hard" George Michael fans were saying it was not true, fighting me on Twitter about it.  Hmm.

George said this at the concert;

“My battles with substances are well documented and my partner went through  similar problems with drinking."

“He’s brought me a lot of joy and a lot of pain and I’m so sorry things have  not worked out but Kenny and I have not been together for two and a half years.  The truth is my love life has been a lot more turbulent than I have let on." 

This was said before he performed his new song "Where I Hope You Are" and then played right after "Love Is A Losing Game" by Amy Winehouse.

George played with a 41 man orchestra and also admitted in his own way that he is still doing pot/cannibus.  There are 65 Dates on the tour so far, and George has said he does plan on taking the tour to the United States.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  He Must Have Been Kissing A Fool....


George Michael Splits With Longtime Lover?

George Michael   Photo: TheDailymail.co
George Michael & Kenny Goss.  Photo: TheDailymail.co

George Michael & Kenny Goss. Photo: TheDailymail.co

13 years of being with someone who hooks up with random men and busted several times over the years for drug abuse will take it's toll on anyone. That breaking point has come for Kenny Goss, George Michael's longtime boyfriend.

George always said he had an open relationship but Kenny has always said thati s not true and they had a falling out when George was busted late last year for a place notorious in London for drugs and random hook-ups with other men.

They were supposed to marry in 2006 but with George cheating quite a lot, Kenny could not marry him but they stayed together.

If Kenny was the one trying to keep him on the straight and narrow (no pun intended) and now with him out of George's life, I seriously worry about the singer's future.-Dr.FB

UPDATE: George Michael has issued a statement that the couple has NOT split and says the reports of them being broken up are fabrication.

We hope so George. We think Kenny has kept you on the straight and narrow.