Prince Oscar After Show Report On It’s Way…

I am drained.  My ears sound like they are in an ocean tunnel.

I will give a much more detailed report later but right now if I did it, it would be half-assed.

Prince fooled everyone when the sounds of "Purple Rain" went off to start the show but went into the new groove of "Oldskoolcompany" (If I spelled it wrong, I am sure you will let me know.)

He played for about two hours or so.  Kicked it off at like 1:45 A.M. Covers and hits and the club really was Hollywood Swinging.

Listen, ET's Kevin Frazier was there and got an exclusive look at what looked like a cell phone of that lotusflower/lotusflow3r.com cover. You might want to record ET tonight to see if it airs.  Kevin wasn't knocking back too many drinks so he should have the report in on time.  I just kid Kev, but can the report be longer than 2 minutes this time?  Yeesh.

Let's see, big shout out to my girl from KROQ, loved hearing the bathroom story first hand and your a sweetheart.  Much love to John and my new friend Anna.  Girl, you crazy!

Also, love how another blogger posted the party news as exclusive info. Bizitch please!  ;) Heard the security guys were asking how people heard of the show n you all were saying drfunkenberry.com and I appreciate it sooo much!  As soon as I heard KROQ was called, I called 100.3 and 92.3 to let others know of the show as well.

No celeb guest list right now as my brain is mush.  I think I just need a few hours of rest and I can give it a go.  Hope you guys liked the Oscar coverage too.  Talk soon and much love.-Dr.FB