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Sports Boxers & Briefs: David Beckham To Stay In The States

David Beckham will continue his soccer career in Los Angeles instead of moving back overseas. Beckham turned down more money to play for another team overseas but he felt it was more important to keep his family in America. David Beckham has played for the Los Angeles Galaxy since 2007. Expect an official announcement from the […]

Tom Cruise & Victoria Beckham Get Close

Tom Cruise was spotted cheering on David Beckham & The L.A. Galaxy team along with David’s wife Victoria Beckham. The crowd several times let Beckham have it by booing him during the game. Something like wanting to jump to the Milan team will do that to the fans. So, you definitly have ot wonder if […]

David & Victoria Beckham Take In Italy

Victoria & David Beckham were spotted in Milan, Italy leaving the Ristorante Da Giacomo in Milan, Italy. David is still trying to find a way to stay in Milan and not return to L.A. to rejoin the Galaxy soccer team. Man, even when he is trying to leave in a rush, it still looks like […]

Milan, Italy Comes Out For David Beckham

David Beckham made a personal appearance at an Adidas store in Milan, Italy and the people came in droves. David is due back in Los Angeles by March 9th to rejoin the L.A. Galaxy soccer team,  but the Italian soccer team is still pursuing to get Beckham out of his contract.  In all honesty, as […]