Land Of The Lost

Video: The Proposal With Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock

Here is the trailer for “The Proposal” featuring Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock and also featuring Betty White.  You might remember last month we posted a funny behind the scenes comedy piece of Ryan going off on Betty White. So far, comedies, which there has been a lack of so far this year, are what […]

The Hangover Goes Another Round At #1

“The Hangover” did what most movies have not been able to do this year and that is repeat at #1 for the 2nd week in a row. Not only did it retain the #1 spot but it only dropped about 26% percent from the week before.  It raked in 33 Million, about 11 million less […]

The Hangover Is Box Office Patron

On May 26th, I wrote this and at the end of the story I said “If people thought Terminator opened up poorly, wait til June 5th to see “Land Of The Lost” bomb.” The movie is sucking donkey balls. “The Hangover” is killing the box office and only bloggers out of touch are saying this is an […]

Ben Stiller: The Real Terminator At The Box Office

The Terminator has one movie to pass to make number 1 and it couldn’t do it.  What stood in Christian Bale’s path?  Ben Stiller. It was a dismal Memorial Day Weekend and it is because there was no salvation for the Terminator.  Grossing $53 million over the weekend and $67 million over 5 days, it […]