The Hangover Is Box Office Patron

The Hangover Movie Poster
The Hangover Movie Poster

The Hangover Movie Poster

On May 26th, I wrote this and at the end of the story I said "If people thought Terminator opened up poorly, wait til June 5th to see “Land Of The Lost” bomb." The movie is sucking donkey balls.

"The Hangover" is killing the box office and only bloggers out of touch are saying this is an unexpected hit. 

The promotion started early and stars Bradley Cooper from "Wedding Crashers", Ed Helms from the cult pop culture TV show "The Office" and a crazy appearance by Mike Tyson.  Add on top of all of that, it is directed by the director of "Old School" which is one of the funniest movies of this decade next to "Wedding Crashers" and you knew this movie was gonna be big.

This movie had hit written all over it and it looks like you all agree and why I covered "The Hangover" premiere and ignored "Land Of The Lost" completely. 

The first real comedy of the summer and it is one hangover you are going to want to experience.-Dr.FB

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