Ben Stiller: The Real Terminator At The Box Office

Ben Stiller.  Photo:

Ben Stiller. Photo:

The Terminator has one movie to pass to make number 1 and it couldn’t do it.  What stood in Christian Bale’s path?  Ben Stiller.

It was a dismal Memorial Day Weekend and it is because there was no salvation for the Terminator.  Grossing $53 million over the weekend and $67 million over 5 days, it was out performed in less days by Stiller’s “Night At The Museum 2” pulling in $70 million in just 4 days. 

A lot of people I know did not see the movie because there was no Ahhhhnold.  If people thought Terminator opened up poorly, wait til June 5th to see “Land Of The Lost” bomb.-Dr.FB




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