Lianna La Havas

Elusive: Lianna La Havas Talks About PRINCE’s Visit To Her Flat!

Was it only 2 days ago now that PRINCE had a press conference at Lianne La Havas‘s place to announce tour plans there? Press conference? Yes. Tour plans? Not exactly. It is Hit N Run style with the gigs being announced only a short time ahead. You know we will do our best to make […]

3RDEYEGIRL (PRINCE) & LIANNE LA HAVAS: “The Living Room Experience”!

Lianne La Havas posted the above image to her Facebook page today, in anticipation of the PRINCE/3RDEYEGIRL UK Tour that is to be announced today. Is the press conference event titled “The Living Room Experience” or will the tour be? All we can do is wait and see for right now.-DocFB Diagnosis: We will keep […]