[caption id="attachment_30291" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="DrFunkenberry.com Exclusive Looking Back On Love Official Poster."]DrFunkenberry.com Exclusive Looking Back On Love Official Poster.[/caption] "Looking Back On Love" is a new Lenny Kravitz documentary  focusing on his recording of "Black & White America" and 2 years of his life. The film, directed by grammy nominated Mathieu Bitton, follows Lenny Kravitz to the Bahamas, New Orleans, and Paris.  It gives you an all access look into Lenny with studio sessions, family, and intimate moments.  The attention to detail is vast.  It is like getting every nook and cranny of your favorite muffin and savoring it with your favorite drink.  It really makes me wish more artists would do behind the scenes footage like this. The movie was premiered at the Grammy Museum and we were able to talk to Lenny and the film maker about "Looking Back On Love" and more. Lenny participated in a Q and A, and I made sure to ask a few questions during that time. For full article and interview, CLICK HERE!