Video: The Doc Talks About Watch The Throne And Lenny Kravitz

I just came from "Watch The Throne" and decided to make this video. I talk about Kanye, Jay Z, and Lenny Kravitz.

The day before "Watch The Throne" I saw the Lenny Kravitz documentary "Looking Back On Love" directed by Mathieu Bitton. Very awesome.

So Kanye West and Jay Z performed "N****'s From Paris 10 times in a row.  There will be video of that shortly.

For now, enjoy my way too long bearded self talking.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  What's with the hand gestures?

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  1. You can’t learn how to be funk?and roll on the fly either you have or you don’t. You don’t.

  2. Loves ya back, deary. xxxx

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